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26th December 2011

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Last Days of Leave :(


We’ve all been there, our soldier or sailor comes home for a few days or for a few weeks on leave & it seems like time is our worst enemy because it just fly’s by! And every other week,month,or year without him seems like it just drags on. I know thats how im feeling, now that Bobby(my fiancee)’s leave is coming to a close tomorrow. It just plain & simple SUCKS. You know how when your man comes home & you make yourself promise not to count down the days of leave so you wont be sad, but you find yourself doing it anyway? And then the day before the last day rolls around and you feel like crap? It sucks! I know, now, dont think that Im just complaining here, the advice is coming. One thing that I have learned from short periods of leave is that doing the small things, like cuddling in bed watching a movie & just talking at home at dinner at home, mean WAY more than going out on dates & what not. My fiancee always plan on doing 1 good dinner/movie date the whole time he is home & we spend the rest of the time at home or doing small things. It means more & it helps to reconnect you better, or so Ive found. Putting the time out of your mind and focusing on the moments you have together also help. Having family around instead of friends is better as well, after a few different occasions my fiancee & I have discovered its best not for him to visit friends back home because it helps prevent unneeded stress & drama. Involving family however can be fun and not create drama, depending on your situation. 

Remember though, leave is a very special & exciting time, ENJOY IT!!!

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